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Send ticket to a friend

Every visitor needs to personalize their ticket(s), in order to gain access to the festival.

How do you send the tickets to your friends for personalization?

  • Send a ticket to a friend for personalization by clicking 'Send'


  • Select the ticket(s) you want to send, fill in the email address of your friend and 'Confirm'


  • Your friend will receive a mail with a request to claim their ticket(s).


Resend to a Friend

You can resend a ticket to a friend by clicking “Resend” in the same environment where you claimed and send to a friend before.


Cancel invite to Friend

Sent to wrong friend? Broke up? You can cancel the invite as long as the 'friend' has not claimed the ticket(s) yet.  Click on “Cancel invite”.

  • The ticket is now “unsent” and can be sent to your new BFF!