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What do you do with my personal information?

In order to process an order, it is necessary that Paylogic processes the following personal data:

Name: If tickets have to be issued in name, personal details of the Customers of the tickets (or those who enter the event with the tickets) may be required. This information is only processed by Paylogic with the purpose of verifying the identity of the Customer. The event organization can further process this data, on the basis of and under the conditions in its privacy statement.

Email address: In order to be able to send the tickets or to contact the Customer for notification of the status of a transaction, Paylogic will ask the customer for an email address. In addition, we also store any email history between Paylogic and the Customer, which may arise after the purchase and on the initiative of the Customer.

Telephone number: We only request a telephone number to contact the Customer in the event that there is a problem with the order/event and Paylogic Customer Service would like to inform in advance.

Date of birth: A date of birth is required to establish that the purchasing person is old enough to take legal action (general provision for purchases) and/or a visitor is old enough to enter the event. If the buyer is sixteen years or younger, he/she must first obtain permission from the person who bears the parental responsibility for the child. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions and agreeing explicitly during the payment process, Paylogic can reasonably assume that the child has obtained the said approval.

Gender: The gender of our visitors is processed with the aim of ensuring that the event runs smoothly, for example with a view to placing sufficient sanitary facilities.

Payment information: The processing of payment data is necessary for the settlement of the purchase transaction between the Buyer and the Organizer.

Home address: Depending on the physical shipment of goods (for example event tickets or other forms of admission tickets) we need your home address. In addition, the residential address may be necessary information that is linked to certain payment methods, payment information in general or fraud investigation and/or prevention.

IP address: Depending on the payment method chosen by the Customer, we also process the IP address of the Customer. In addition, the IP address can be used for fraud investigation and/or prevention If it concerns a business order, we also process the VAT number of the target company. Additional personal data

At the request of an event organization, we may ask you for more personal information or preferences. These requests can be both mandatory and optional. Additional personal details are requested on behalf of the Organizer and are primarily intended to promote a better event experience for the Customers or to ensure that the event can take place in an orderly and controlled manner. At the request of our Merchants, we can therefore refuse your registration / purchase if you do not provide us with all mandatory information or preferences.

"Cookies" are small files of data that are stored on your computer so that we can recognize you when you return to our website with the same computer and browser. "Cookies" enable us to gather information about the use of our services, to improve them and to adapt to the wishes of our visitors. For more information, you can find the Privacy Policy here

Paylogic will not use the personal data from your account. The data is for you to be able to order a ticket, see your order history, and get faster access to future ticket sales. Paylogic will not send you any unsolicited mails. You can find more information regarding Paylogic's Privacy Policy here.