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Do I need to change the name on my tickets?

If you received an email with a personalization link, this indicates that the ticket is bound to the name. The name on the ticket should match the name of the participant as written on their ID. For certain events, it is possible to change the name on the ticket. To see if Ticket Transfer is available, please refer to the event website carefully. If Ticket Transfer is offered on the website of the event, it is possible to transfer your ticket to someone else. If you did not receive a personalization link, this means the name on the ticket is not relevant. 

Once you have personalized your e-ticket(s) for an event, changing the name on one or several of them is not a straightforward process. Many events or festivals do not allow for name changes. However, sometimes events make this possible by purchasing a Name Change.

Here are our recommendations regarding names changes or re-personalizing:

  • When receiving the confirmation email with the link to personalize your tickets, check the time frame available to personalize. Fill in the personalization details once you are certain of the final attendees.
  • You can visit the event or festival’s “Official Website” and the “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) site to check whether Name Changes are possible.
  • In case you wish to change the name on your ticket because of a minor misspelling, you can let us know so we can do it manually via our system.

Note: the unique barcode will be scanned at the entrance of the event. This means that it is possible for anyone to use the ticket with the main buyer’s permission.  Keep in mind that for certain events, transferring a ticket will include a small fee per ticket. You can find this by following the Ticket Transfer link.