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Refund or change request?

Did your plans change? You or your friend cannot join the event? Did you place a double order by mistake? Or would you like to upgrade your order?

In these cases, you can request a refund or change for your order.

Note: Whether a change or cancelation is possible or not depends on the event! Before sending a refund/change request, please check the FAQ on the festival's official website.

Some events offer one or several of the following options:

  • Ticket transfer if ticket personalization IS NOT required: You can transfer your e-tickets to any other person.
  • Ticket transfer if ticket personalization IS required: You might be able to purchase a “Name Change” to transfer your ticket to any other person.
  • Upgrade: please check on the website or in the FAQ if it is possible to purchase upgrade packages.
  • Some events have very strict “No cancelations / No changes” policies (unless documented medical reasons or death).

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