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What is a proof of payment?

Paylogic must be sure that you are the main buyer of the tickets. Therefore we need a proof of payment.

A proof of payment is a photo or a screenshot that shows the payment to Paylogic. The proof of payment must also show the date and the amount of the transaction.

Furthermore, the following information is required, depending on the payment method you have used:

  • Credit card payment: A payment receipt shows the last 4 digits of the credit card.
  • Paypal: A proof of payment must be a photo or a screenshot of the payment that is shown on your Paypal account. You should also see the Paypal invoice ID on it, this ID consists of 12 digits and starts with 20.
  • For other payment methods, the payment reference must be visible. This can be found in the description of the payment.

Please note that confirmation of the order is not a correct proof of payment.