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What are "refund costs" or "refund fees"?

Paylogic is hired by specific events and festivals to manage and conduct their ticket sale. Whenever you make a formal refund request, Paylogic establishes contact with the event or festival organizers in order for them to decide if the refund can be authorized and then conducted by Paylogic.

When a refund request is authorized, there are costs associated with a refund, as we are executing the process. The event organizers further decide whether to cover the fee themselves or to pass it on to the consumer (depending on the situation and reason for the request). Therefore, when you receive an email confirming a refund, it will state if the "Refund costs" are reflected on the amount you are receiving.

Note: The policies applied by the event organizers are final. Unfortunately, there is nothing that Paylogic can do about it, as we process the ticket sale under their rules. If you would like to present a refund or change request, we kindly ask you to select the Contact Form or Speak with an Agent or Speak with an Agent below.