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I bought a ticket from a third party, can you help?

At Paylogic, we want our fans to be able to purchase tickets safely and fairly. Therefore, we do not support third party ticket resale. If you have sold/bought tickets via a third party or are about to we would like to remind you that this is at your own risk. This means that Paylogic is not authorized to provide you with any information regarding your ticket if you did not buy it directly from us. 

In general, Paylogic does not support ticket resale due to possible inconsistencies. Unfortunately, if you have re-sold or are about to resell your ticket or purchase from a third party, we cannot offer authenticity check services. Paylogic is not authorized to provide scanning information for these tickets. You should address the website you used to re-sell or purchase your ticket(s).

We highly recommend you to acquire your tickets via official channels as these services will provide you the certainty and quality that you deserve.