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How can I resell my tickets?

Certain events work with the Resale feature. This is a safe, fair way to resell and buy second-hand tickets which aims to prevent fraud and high resale prices.

Tickets can be bought and sold on the Resale platform in only a few steps:

  1. Selling a ticket: Create your Resale account and fill in your barcode including the resale price. Your ticket can now be purchased by other fans!
  2. Buying a ticket: Create your Resale account and select one of the available tickets offered for sale. Fill in your payment details and purchase the ticket of your choice. You will then receive your confirmation / personalization mail.
  3. Successful resale: The buyer receives the ticket and the seller receives the fixed amount in their bank account! Keep in mind that a sold ticket is no longer valid for purchase.

Haven’t found the ticket you like? Set a notification! You can do so by subscribing to not yet offered tickets and get a notification once the desired ticket becomes available.