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My order was not completed

Sometimes you may have left the payment process due to a loading error, internet connection issue or a window that is accidentally closed.

If you are in doubt if your order was completed keep the following in mind:

  • When an order is completed with payment, a confirmation email is sent to the email address that was used to place the order in a matter of minutes (exceptions to this are Bank Transfer and PayPal payments)
  • When an order is not completed with a payment, it expires and becomes automatically canceled. In this case, you should attempt placing a new order.
  • Debit card Payments (also via iDEAL and Bancontact/Mister Cash), when successful, are immediately reflected in your account. However, some delay for our account to receive it and emit the confirmation may exist.
  • It is not recommendable to perform numerous attempts without certainty of their success or failure.