(for ticket buyers)

I lost my ticket(s)...

When will I receive my ticket(s) and/or booking confirmation?

After the payment has been completed and received by Paylogic, you will instantly receive your confirmation email. The hotel voucher, bus and/or festival tickets will be sent at a later moment. You can expect these ticket(s) to arrive in your inbox two weeks prior to the event.

Can I place an order for someone else?

This is possible, however the confirmation and tickets can only be sent to the main buyer. You can fill out the information of the person that will attend the festival. This will then become the main buyer.

What is included in the packages?

This varies per package. For this information, we gladly refer you to the booking page. Here you can see all different packages, and what is included in each of them.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email via

Does not apply for Andre Rieu Travel.