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How are ticket prices and service fees determined?

Paylogic offers the ability for event organizers to sell their own tickets directly to fans all over the world, bringing event organizers and fans closer together. All our services we execute on behalf of our clients, establishing a direct link between you and the event organizer. The event organizer is therefore also the only one able to determine which tickets, how many tickets and at which prices the tickets go on sale.

Next to the ticket/hotel/add-on/merchandise price, the event organizer is also able to charge different fees (e.g. service, fulfillment fees, etc) to cover a variety of expenses. Each event organizer is determining its own combination of fees in cooperation with Paylogic. In either case, Paylogic collects the different prices and fees and remits it to our clients, the event organizer, directly.

The event organizers indicate they use the fees for the support of the general infrastructure of a sale or an event. Some examples of the general uses of service fees from event organizers can be found below. Also, have a look at the website of the event; some event organizers choose to specify the additional fees and costs for their services.

- Administration costs

- Access control and general operations at the event

- Availability of a Customer Service

- Anti-fraud measurements; to protect buyers (you) against fraud

The above examples can be embedded into the ticket price or can also be charged separately under the label “service fee”. We work closely together with the event organizations of the respective events in order to maintain low fees while covering all expenses made. Also, depending on the actual costs that need coverage, we collaborate with the organizations in order to determine whether a service fee should be applied per ticket and/or rather as a percentage of the overall order amount.

Additionally you can be charged for extra services you request, like for example insurance by Booking Protect or specific fulfillment methods e.g. postal service.

What are “shipment” costs or fees?

These are costs generated whenever you choose to receive hard copy ticket(s) (instead of e-tickets) via the postal service.

The fee is charged by the postal service itself and it will depend on the number of tickets.

May you have an inquiry related to applied costs, you may always CONTACT US.