Couleur Café 2020

(for ticket buyers)

I lost my ticket(s)...

Ordering and payment

  • I received an error message during the payment process. How can I resume the payment?

You only have one chance to complete an order with a payment. If this doesn’t succeed then you may place a new order. It’s not possible to receive a new payment link.

  • Why do I keep on getting an error during the payment?

A payment error can have many causes. The most likely cause is having insufficient funds or insufficient credit card balance. In case you experience multiple payment failures we recommend to contact your bank.

  • What should I definitely NOT do during the ticket sale?

Never refresh the web page, only after you receive a message from Paylogic to do this.

My order

  • I have not yet received a confirmation email but the money has been debited. How do I get my tickets?

Please wait until the end of the day and also check your spam folder. If you still have not received the tickets by the end of the day and the money is taken from your account, please contact us.

  • I  filled in a wrong email address during the ordering process. Can I still change this?

Paylogic must be sure that you are the main buyer of the tickets. Therefore we need a proof of payment.

A proof of payment is a photo or a screenshot that shows the payment to Paylogic. The proof of payment must also show the date and the amount of the transaction.

- Credit card payment: A payment receipt shows the last 4 digits of the credit card.
- Paypal: A proof of payment must be a photo or a screenshot of the payment that is shown on your Paypal account. You should also see the Paypal invoice ID on it, this ID consists of 12 digits and starts with 20.
- For other payment methods, the payment reference must be visible. This can be found in the description of the payment.

Please note that confirmation of the order is not a correct proof of payment.

  • I lost my tickets, is it possible to receive them another time?

 Simply follow this link and enter the e-mail address that you used to place the order with. We will then automatically send you an email that shows all active orders under that email address. Also check your spam box, as it sometimes happens that messages end up there. 


  • Why do I need to personalize my tickets?

Personalization is a process that some event organizers use to prevent or reduce the sale of tickets on the black market. This helps to keep the market for obtaining tickets for events safe and fair.

Once an order has been completed and paid and when personalization is mandatory, we will send you a confirmation email containing which contains the link for personalizing the tickets. We ask customers to provide us with additional information such as their name, email address and date of birth, as this information will be placed on the tickets. Once the personalization process is completed, we will send you another email which contains the download link of the tickets.

Note: not every ticket category requires personalization. In that case you will receive your tickets directly in your inbox.

  • Error while personalizing?

When the system indicates that the email address must be unique, it means that all tickets must be provided with a different email address. This security is on the ticket system to ensure that all tickets are as different as possible and that resale can thereby be prevented. So make sure that all other details such as name and date of birth are different from each other.