Tomorrowland Winter 2020

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Cancellation Tomorrowland Winter Festival 2020

For all information concerning the cancellation of Tomorrowland Winter 2020, please check the official website:


  • Dates 

The Tomorrowland Winter festival week is taking place from Saturday March 14th to Saturday March 21st 2020. The following dates include:

- Saturday March 14th to Friday March 20th: Festival week with multiple stages in the mountains and Main Festival Area.
- Tuesday March 17th:  Warming-up party.
- Wednesday March 18th to Friday March 20th: Tomorrowland Winter Mainstage.

  • Access to the festival

To access the Tomorrowland Winter, it is necessary to purchase a Tomorrowland Package through the official Tomorrowland Winter ticket shop. In addition, you can access the festival if you have a valid Tomorrowland Bracelet registered under your name. Tomorrowland Packages include lodging, lift & ski pass and a festival ticket.

  • General terms and conditions

The General Terms and Conditions are important for you to be aware of what is permitted or not and to be informed about the conditions concerning the ticket sale. We recommend you read these before buying a ticket. During the ticket sale, you are obliged to accept the General Rules and Conditions of Tomorrowland Winter.

Please click here to read the General Terms and Conditions


Order and payment

  • How to order a package or activity voucher?

Sign in to or create your Tomorrowland Account.

Once you have an account, you can order the products you like by logging in and switching to the Tomorrowland Winter page.

  • Which payment methods can be used to complete the order?

Depending on the country you are trying to pay from, you can use the following payment methods:

- Bancontact
- Carte Bancaire
- ING Home'Bank
- MasterCard
- Sofort

  • Is there anything I should NOT do during the sale?

Please do not refresh unless you receive a message on your screen or Paylogic and Tomorrowland informs you to refresh.

  • I received an error during my credit card payment, what can I do?

Please try again with another card. Otherwise, you will have to re-enter the queue to try again with a different payment method.

  • I have not yet received a confirmation email but the money has been debited. How do I get my tickets?

Please wait until the end of the day and also check your spam folder. If you still have not received the tickets by the end of the day and the money is taken from your account, please contact us.




  • What do I need to know about the personalization?

You need to personalize the tickets as soon as possible.

Before entering the festival site, the identity of each visitor will be verified. If the name on the Tomorrowland bracelet does not match the name on the ID, access will be denied. (A mandate or copy of ID won’t be accepted)

If you have cancellation insurance, the names attached to the insurance cannot be changed. 

After personalization, you will receive the E-tickets. 

If you do not personalize your tickets, the organization reserves the right to cancel your order.

- STEP 1: After you have purchased tickets, you will receive a confirmation email with your package overview and deadline of the personalization. Go to your Tomorrowland Account where you can personalize your tickets.

- STEP 2For each ticket, you need to fill in the following personal details: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Gender and Date of Birth.

- STEP 3: If you booked Comfort Passes, you need to assign these to the correct person. If you booked multiple rooms in 1 order, you need to assign these to the correct person.

- STEP 4: You can only save the personalization when all the information per ticket is completed.


  • Can I change the name after the tickets have been personalized?

No, the personalization is final. It will not be possible to change the name afterwards. Small spelling mistakes should not cause any problems at the entrance.


  • When can I start with the personalization?

 To find the personalization deadline, please refer to your confirmation mail. Please fill in every name and email address of your friends.  

For more information about how to personalize your ticket, click here.

Do not forget to personalize your tickets. Unpersonalized tickets may be canceled.


All information about Personalization can be found on the website of Tomorrowland.


  • I received an error during personalization, what do I do?

If you encounter an error during personalization, please try again later.



  • How do I get my Tomorrowland Winter Bracelet?

The Tomorrowland Winter Bracelet will be shipped to the home address of the Main Buyer.

More information available closer to the event.

  • When will my Tomorrowland Winter Bracelet be sent?

Your Tomorrowland Bracelet will be sent to you by post a few weeks before Tomorrowland Winter.

  • I filled in a wrong delivery address, can I still change this?

Address changes are possible until 30 November 2019 by contacting Tomorrowland.

Important! Email the legal attest of change of residence, order number, old address, and your new address. After November 30th 2019, it is not possible to change addresses.

Please have a look at the official FAQ for more information about this subject.




We ask you kindly to check and read through the FAQ of Tomorrowland Winter for any further questions you may have. The FAQ will provide you with all other information about the festival in terms of the Festival, Booking Process, Lodging, Ski Info, Transport, etc.

FAQ of Tomorrowland Winter