Armin van Buuren presents This Is Me

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  • Is there a minimum age required to get access to this event?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years old for this event.

  • When does the event take place?

The event takes place on the 21st and 22nd of May. There will also be an exclusive premiere night on the 20th of May for Armin's most dedicated fans. This night is completely sold out.

  • Which types of tickets are available?

1. Regular Ticket (59,50 euros ex. fee): a regular ticket includes access to the dancefloor and first ring (non-reserved seats).

2. Seated Ticket (39,50 euros ex. fee): a seated ticket includes a reserved seat on the second ring (best available seats by automatic selection). 

3. Top Ticket (84,50 euros ex. fee): a top ticket includes a separate entrance, access to the floor and an exclusive area on the first ring with non-reserved seats, close view of the stage, private bar (drinks not included).

4. Deluxe Ticket (109,50 euros ex. fee): a deluxe ticket includes a separate entrance, access to the deluxe deck located on the floor behind the front of house with a private bar (drinks not included) and a special ”This Is Me” lanyard.

5. VIP Ticket (159,50 euros ex. fee): a VIP Ticket includes a separate entrance and access to the VIP deck with the best views of the house, a private bar with 25 euros credit and a signed ”This Is Me” lanyard by Armin van Buuren.

6. Wheelchair Ticket (99,50 euros ex. fee): a wheelchair ticket includes general access for two and access to the wheelchair deck. 


  •  Can I store my belongings at the Ziggo Dome?

The Ziggo Dome both has lockers and a cloakroom available to store your belongings. Take note: the maximum size of a bag you’re allowed to enter the venue with is A4-size.

  • How can I buy consumptions at the Ziggo Dome?

Consumptions in the Ziggo Dome can only be paid with tokens. Tokens can be purchased at one of the token machines located on each floor or at the service desks on the ground floor.

Order and Payment

  • I received an error message during the payment process. How can I resume the payment?

You only have one chance to complete an order with a payment. If this doesn’t succeed then you may place a new order. It’s not possible to receive a new payment link.

  • Why do I keep on getting an error during the payment?

A payment error can have many causes. The most likely cause is having insufficient funds or insufficient credit card balance. In case you experience multiple payment failures we recommend to contact your bank.

  • What should I definitely NOT do during the ticket sale?

Never refresh the web page, only after you receive a message from Paylogic to do this.

  • I can’t get to the next page in the ordering process, what can I do?

In case you can’t click on the ‘next’ button above the Paylogic logo you can also continue the ordering process by clicking on one of the tabs (e.g. registration).

My tickets

  • I used the wrong email address during the order. How can I change that?

Paylogic must be sure that you are the main buyer of the tickets. Therefore we need a proof of payment.

A proof of payment is a photo or a screenshot that shows the payment to Paylogic. The proof of payment must also show the date and the amount of the transaction.

Furthermore, the following information is required, depending on the payment method you have used:

- Credit card payment: A payment receipt shows the last 4 digits of the credit card.
- Paypal: A proof of payment must be a photo or a screenshot of the payment that is shown on your Paypal account. You should also see the Paypal invoice ID on it, this ID consists of 12 digits and starts with 20.
- For other payment methods, the payment reference must be visible. This can be found in the description of the payment.

Please note that confirmation of the order is not a correct proof of payment.

  • I have not yet received a confirmation email but the money has been debited. How do I get my tickets?

Please wait until the end of the day and also check your spam folder. If you still have not received the tickets by the end of the day and the money is taken from your account, please contact us.


  • I can't attend the event anymore, what options are available to transfer my ticket to somebody else?

The organization of the event has a collaboration with TicketSwap. TicketSwap is a safe, fair way to resell and buy unwanted tickets which aims to prevent fraud and high resale prices. You can find more information about how it all works here.

  • Do I need to personalize my ticket(s)?

No, for this event it's not needed to personalize tickets. You will receive the confirmation email and download link for your ticket(s) after completing the order. This means the name on the ticket is not relevant.


  • Other event-related information

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