Valhalla Festival 2019

(for ticket buyers)

I lost my ticket(s)...

Order and payment

  • I signed up for the pre-registration sale but did not receive a voucher, what can I do?

We recommend to check your spam folder. Paylogic is not responsible for sending out the vouchers.

  • I used my voucher but could not complete the order, how do I get my tickets?

Your voucher is blocked for 30 minutes after an order attempt. After this period you can use it again to place a successful order. Your voucher is only valid for one completed order.

  • I received an error message during the payment process. How can I resume the payment?

You only have one chance to complete an order with a payment. If this doesn’t succeed then you may place new order. It’s not possible to receive a new payment link. Your voucher will be valid again 30 minutes after your last order attempt.

  • Why does my payment keep getting declined?

A declined payment can have many causes. The most likely cause is having insufficient funds or insufficient credit card balance. In case you experience multiple payment failures we recommend to contact your bank.

  • What should I definitely NOT do during the ticket sale?

Never refresh the web page, only after you receive a message from Paylogic to do this.

  • I can’t get to the next page in the ordering process, what can I do?

In case you can’t click on the ‘next’ button above the Paylogic logo. Then you can also continue the ordering process by clicking on one of the tabs (e.g. registration).